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Home Theatre / Atmos – 2.1 Pack

Home theatre systems give you the chance to bring the cinema feeling into your living space.

We carry a full range of home theatre systems ranging from 2.0 Stereo all the way to 9.2.6 Dolby Atmos.

Dolby Atmos is the future. With the addition of a few in-ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers and an Atmos capable receiver, you will feel like you are inside the action in no time.

We also stock Yamaha MusicCast systems - one of the easiest to use systems on the market which allows you to add speakers and play music in any room.

We stock all the leading brands of home theatre speakers and receivers including; Arcam, Elac, Fyne, Klipsch, Marantz, Speakercraft, SVS & Yamaha, all delivered across NZ.