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Holo Audio Cyan All-in-one DAC/Pre/Headphone Amp

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Product Description:

The newest HoloAudio offering is the Cyan Dac/Amp. We have worked hard to bring you the best performance and price ratio of any product on the market. We are quite proud of the Cyan and confident in saying we think you will find it most impressive as well. It’s a true balanced discrete resistor ladder dac with balanced headphone amp packed into a small footprint of desktop space. There is a PCM module version and a DSD module version.

DSD is natively supported on this Discrete Resistor Ladder DAC

Holo Audio is the world’s first to support DSD natively on Resistor Ladder DAC, so far the only one. This is not the DSD converted to PCM before digital-analog converter, but directly by the discrete components of the DSD digital to analog converter. Supported currently on MAC (DOP)and Linux (DOP), and Windows/PC (Direct Native and DOP). Please note, the word ‘R2R’ is the name of a kind of architecture of resistor ladders. This architecture requires less resistors yet still is capable to deliver more than acceptable performance. Most DACs in the industry use this architecture. The DSD module of Cyan does not use R2R architecture for the DSD, more specifically it uses a very specific architecture which is optimized to perform DSD to analog. So to be entirely accurate the DSD module of the Cyan is using resistor ladders, not R2R.

For those who choose the PCM module version you will be able to enjoy the balanced headphone amplifier. However if you choose the DSD module version then you will not be able to use the headphone amplifier. For those who know DSD well, they will know that pure DSD does not allow for volume control. In fact if a DSD dac claims to have volume control then you will know that it’s first converted to PCM internally to achieve this.  We released the pure DSD module version for those looking to have a unique and high performance Discrete resistor ladder dac DSD solution. We have highly optimized the architecture of our resistor network to have an incredible sounding DSD dac. if the Amp was enabled it would be at 100% volume and put your ears and headphones at risk. Also the DSD version will have a “headphone delete” and not contain the components on the motherboard for the headamp. However there will still be a volume control knob and headphone outputs on the front panel that will not function.

Cyan’s input and output interface:

  • Digital input interface includes
  • USB (ground isolation)
  • RCA coaxial
  • BNC coaxial
  • AES
  • optical fiber
  • I2S (HDMI)
  • All digital input interface supports DSD (DOP mode).

Cyan’s Outputs:

  • Fully balanced/bridged XLR and RCA output
  • Balanced headphone output using 4 pin xlr

Other Notes:

• Offers oversampling and non oversampling modes
• Compact chassis 11inch* 10.25inch * 2.15inch
• The new fully balanced headphone circuit capable of powering most any headphone easily
• Ability to select either low impedance or high impedance for the headphones and to change this easily
• Includes high quality aluminum remote control – functions include: Mute, Volume, low & high gain for Output, Input Selection, Display Brightness, OS/NOS mode