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KEF R8A Premium two way Surround Speakers

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KEF Premium two way surround or Atmos speaker,1 x 130mm MF 1 x 25mm HF, vented aluminium dome tweeter, High Gloss Black, Pair The R8a is a flexible solution for anybody wanting to bring an all-immersive movie experience to their home. With the integrated wall mount feature, R8a can serve as a surround or rear speaker. Alternatively, if placed upon another speaker, R8a will bounce sound off the ceiling, bringing Dolby Atmos to the home without the need of custom installation. Equipped with a 130mm (5.25in.) Uni-Q array with a 25mm (1 in.) tweeter, every detail is described, steered around the listening space as the director intended. Features: Two-way closed Box Uni-Q Driver Array: HF: 25mm (1in.) vented aluminium dome MF/LF: 130mm (5.25in.) aluminium cone 173.8 x 174.6 x 259mm with terminal SHADOW FLARE Derived directly from the Reference Series, the Shadow Flare is an innovative method of reducing harmful cabinet diffraction for delicate high-frequencies. Shadow Flare is a carefully profiled transition surface which extends the waveguide effect of Uni-Q. The tweeter no longer has line of sight of the cabinet edges, creating a ‘shadow region’ at the points where the potential for diffraction is highest. The result is vastly improved fine detail, particularly when it comes to the subtle nuances of plucked strings and other percussive sounds. LOW-FREQUENCY DRIVERS Bass is the very foundation of music; everything is built upon it and maximising bass performance is a vital building block towards the pristine sound. R Series bass drivers are built using a two-part structure, where a shallow concave aluminium skin sits atop a paper cone. This great stiffness, combined with the cone’s unique geometry, delivers pure piston-like movement to deliver punch and speed. To accurately control this mighty driver, KEF has also completely redesigned its magnet system to create a more even magnetic field. The overall result is more impressive and impactful.