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Monster Video 2 Interconnect / Subwoofer Cable 1m/2m

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Monster Cable's Monster Video 2 (MV2) component-video cable uses high-purity, high-density copper stranding for lower signal loss and heightened protection from video noise--both of which are real considerations in complex, high-resolution home theaters, especially over a six-foot cable run like this cable provides.

The cable's double shielding blocks most electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference, while its low-loss insulator delivers efficient signal transfers from your satellite receiver, DVD player, gaming console, or camcorder.

The MV2CV's straight-cut turbine RCA and split-tip pins provide excellent contact pressure at both ends, while its corrosion-resistant 24k gold contacts ensure high signal integrity. If you've already adopted the sensible habit of cleaning your cable contacts with alcohol every so often, you'll find you can afford to do it a little less often when using gold-tipped interconnects.

  • Low-Loss component video cable for improved video reproduction.
  • Multi-stranded, all-copper construction provides a clear, sharp picture.
  • 24k gold contact RCA connectors for superior conductivity.
  • Duraflex protective Jacket

With its thick shielding and 24k gold contact connectors, this cable can also be used as an excellent cable for a subwoofer.