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Monster Video 3 Interconnect / Subwoofer Cable 1m/2m

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Ultra-High Performance Video Cable with Gas-Injected Dielectric and Double Shielding for the Highest Resolution Picture

Monster Video 3 Offers Reference Video Cable Performance
Monster Video 3's (MV3) reputation for delivering the clearest, sharpest picture and the brightest, most accurate colors is well founded. MV3 was the first video cable ever to receive certification by the prestigious Imaging Science Foundation-the home theatre industry's recognized authority on video reproduction. with an extremely linear bandwidth to 550MHz and 75-Ohm impedance, MV3 offers consistently outstanding picture definition for composite video, component video and cable TV.

MV3 features a unique gas-injected dielectric for improved, high velocity signal transfer.
True metal- to- metal double shielding of foil and copper braid provides maximum protection against EM and RF interference.

Gas-Injection: the Fuel for Signal Transfer
MV3's signal-carrying conductor is embedded in the center of a unique dielectric (insulator). Gas is injected into the dielectric. creating uniform, microscopic cells that allow the conductor to rest in the exact center of the cable(even when the cable is bent). The result is consistent 75-Ohm impedance for maximum signal strength, consistent performance and efficient transfer of video signals between components.

Certifiably the Best
The Imaging Science Foundation demands stringent standards be met for cable certification. MV3 not only meets ISF standards but exceeds them. That's why ISF calls Monster Video 3 "absolutely necessary for good pictures in home theatre." One look and you'll agree.

  • Special stranded 100% copper construction provides lower attenuation for minimum signal loss.
  • Monster's cellular dielectric allows high-velocity signal transfer for maximum signal strength.
  • Metal-to-metal double-shielding for 100% foil, plus 95% braid, for maximum protection against interference.
  • Patented, 8-cut Turbine 24k gold contact RCA connectors.

With its thick shielding and 24k gold contact connectors, this cable can also be used as an excellent cable for a subwoofer.