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Rega Planar 6 / Ania

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The Planar 6 has one goal, to reproduce your vinyl as accurately as possible. We have engineered every aspect of this turntable to extract as much detail from the vinyl surface as possible. Advanced materials and engineering solutions have been used throughout the design to ensure the greatest level of performance.The Neo PSU offers electronic speed change, advanced anti-vibration control and user adjustable electronic fine speed adjustment only found on the RP10 until now. See 'product details' tab below for full information. The Planar 6 will be available with the recommended *Ania MC factory fitted as an attractive package. Use only with a Rega PS1 350 mA power supply. 50 Hz: 24 V AC 0.142 mA maximum power consumption 3.4 W. 60 Hz: 24 V AC 0.129 mA maximum power consumption 3.1 W. Maximum Output Level (3.54 cm/s RMS 45 degrees CBS STR100 Band 6a and 7a): 370-410 mV Output Impedance: 1 kΩ Frequency Response (pre-amplifier only): 14 Hz (-3 dB Point) to 100 kHz (-0.6 dB Point) RIAA Accuracy (pre-amplifier only): (100 Hz to 20 kHz) ± 0.4 dB typically better than ± 0.25 dB Pre-amplifier Gain: 40 dB Pre-amplifier Input Loading: 47 kΩ in parallel with 220 pF Signal to Noise Ratio: -75 dB A-weighted ref maximum output. Power Requirements: 50 Hz 24 V AC 0.142 mA 3.4 W – 60 Hz 24 V AC 0.129 mA 3.1 W