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Sony 55" A9F Master Series OLED 4K Ultra HDR Android TV

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Bring the latest tech into your home with the 55" OLED Ultra HD 4K HDR Android Television. This television has an OLED screen, which enhances the colour and contrast of your favourite TV shows and games. Boasting an Ultra HD 4K HDR panel, it will play your favourite TV shows in lifelike colour and deep contrast. This Sony Smart TV is ideal for quick access to all the best social apps, movies, shows and games. It comes with the Android TV operating system, which offers all the entertainment, personalisation and intelligence of your smartphone on the big screen. Enhanced by a 4K X1 Extreme processor, it effortlessly switches between apps, video playback, and other functions. This television includes Sony Triluminos technology, offering improved contrast ratio by actively dimming or brightening frames to increase the perception of depth. 4K Ultra HD OLED, 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme, Acoustic Surface, Triluminos Display AndroidTV (Google Play store / Google Cast / Voice Search / Built-in Chromecast), FreeviewPlus, Netflix, Youtube, Lightbox, PrimeVideo Cable Management, 4 x HDMI, 2 x USB Also available in 65" Manufacturer Warranty: 12 months

Now soundbars do add a significant depth to the level of audio quality. There's no question about that. And they are a compact solution as you can either wall mount them under your TV or place them on your TV console.

Now imagine that same sound quality merged into your TV. What the Sony A1 BRAVIA OLED is able to provide is an equally immersive sound. The difference is you can do away with the added hassle of installing a soundbar where you also need to factor cable compatibility (for example, the optical or HDMI inputs).

Sony has created an incredibly innovative solution in integrating a well hidden sound system behind the ultra-thin OLED surface. Sony's Acoustic Surface technology projects sound from the TV's screen that is well on par with some of the best soundbars in the market.

Now does the vibration of sound affect the longevity of the screen? Well, Sony has conducted extensive tests looking at this and they appear confident that this is a non-issue.

With the Sony A1 BRAVIA OLED, it's quite likely that dedicated audio manufacturers dabbling in home AV are sitting up and are starting to put in long hours researching on ways to improve simply to keep up.

Even on the technology front, its integration with Android TV unleashes new possibilities. Finding content is now simplified through voice search and you now have access to a whole library of Google Play apps that can now be used on the big screen.

We could very well be looking at the future of television, especially in homes where one would need a simple TV setup that does not compromise on sound quality.

There's no need to provision for the additional space under your TV or even wondering whether to wall mount or not. Even better still, you no longer need to consider the optimal height of the TV against the soundbar so that the speaker output is in line with your ears. In fact, the sound that comes from the A1 is now already in line with your ears . When people converse, the sound no longer comes from the side of the TV but instead comes directly from the TV screen.