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SpeakerCraft Key Pad SKP7

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The SpeakerCraft SKP7 is a 7-button, state-of-the-art keypad designed to allow simple control of the SpeakerCraft MRA-664 multi-room audio control system. The keypad delivers a simple interface that enables the end user to select favorite sources, adjust volume and turn off the system all at the touch of a button. This next-generation keypad is simple to use and easy to navigate with the backlit pad.


Button type

  • Contact type buttons
  • 5 individually capped
  • 2 shared for rocker capping
  • 5 individually controlled white LEDs for backlighting
  • 2 shared control white LEDs for backlighting
  • 0/100/1000 Ethernet


  • Connections:  LAN/ PoE RJ-45
  • Power Requirements:  PoE (Power over Ethernet) EEE 802.3at, 13w maximum draw (@44 V —- /350mA max
  • Dimensions:  4.12″ x 1.75″ x 1.24″
  • Mounting Depth:  1.75″