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SpeakerCraft VCR120 On Wall Volume Control

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The nature of resistive stepping is unencumbered sonic fidelity. When power and fidelity are key, the VCR120 handles a massive 120 Watts. The SpeakerCraft VCR120 is a wall mounted stereo volume control. It connects between the speaker level output of an amplifier, receiver or speaker selector and a pair of speakers. SpeakerCraft’s Volume Controls are high quality stereo autoformers designed for wide range frequency response at all volume levels. Fast removable connectors can be wired ahead of time and simply attached to the volume control at the time of final installation. Simple Connect Terminals secure wires in place without the use of a screwdriver. Just place the stripped wire in the opening and depress the lever for a secure connection. Side-mounted Multiple Room Switch allows easy impedance adjustment when multiple speakers are to be connected to a single amplifier.