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Yamaha MusicCast 50

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Expect the unexpected with room-filling, dynamic sound from this feature-packed party starter brought to you by the world’s biggest sound company. Music streaming services built-in MusicCast multi-room technology Alexa voice control compatibility* (*Availability varies by region) High-Resolution Audio Connect to a TV for upgraded sound Stereo pairing (requires 2 units) Ability to be used as surround speakers with an AV receiver or sound bar* (*Select MusicCast models only) Soft-touch, simple presets for instant playback Alarm Pump up the volume. Don’t let its understated design fool you. The MusicCast 50 was built to get the party started with room-filling sound that defies its size. For movies, the MusicCast 50 will blow you away with explosive audio worthy of the latest action blockbuster. WX-051 MusicCast Speaker A world of music. Explore a world of music with music streaming services* built-in. Syncing your playlists and song likes from your smart phone or computer to the MusicCast 20, music streaming services make it impossibly easy to either listen to your faves or discover new music. *Streaming service availability varies by region. Multi-room Audio. MusicCast takes the headache out of multi-room audio. Simply connect all MusicCast devices to the same network and start sharing audio throughout the home. Take MusicCast for a test drive by downloading the free MusicCast app and using it demo mode. Say goodbye to speaker wires! Good sound should never tie you down. The MusicCast 20 lets you connect the way you want to – wirelessly. Whether via Bluetooth® or over Wi-Fi with AirPlay®, the wireless connection makes it quick and easy to get the party started. And for all those home theatre buffs out there, the MusicCast 20 can be used at the back of the room, replacing the need for surround sound speakers. Connecting wirelessly to compatible MusicCast AV receiver means no more having to run speaker cable around the room. Let’s talk. “Alexa, ask MusicCast to play Favourite 1 in the kitchen.” With Alexa voice control integration, all you have to do is ask. The MusicCast 20 offers full compatibility with Amazon’s range of voice control devices. Welcome to the smart home. *Availability of voice command control via Amazon Alexa varies by region