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Fyne Audio F702 Floorstanding Speakers

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This elegant, contemporary loudspeaker distils the best of Fyne Audio’s new technologies and expertise into a midsized floorstanding design. The F702 blends a 200mm IsoFlare point source driver and 200mm multi-fibre bass driver into a twin cavity tuned cabinet with a BassTrax LF diffuser integrated into the down firing port. Articulate, powerful and capable of delivering stunning dynamics and real world volumes, the F702 is ideal for recreating a truly captivating listening experience in mid to large sized rooms.


  • System Type:  2 ½ way, downwards firing port, with BassTrax™ Tractrix diffuser*, twin cavity loading system
  • Recommended amplifier power (Watt RMS):  30w – 200w
  • Continuous power handling (Watt RMS):  100w
  • Sensitivity (2.83 Volt @ 1m): 92dB
  • Nominal impedance:  8 Ohm
  • Frequency response (-6dB typical in room):  30Hz – 34kHz
  • Drive unit complement:
  • 1 x 200mm IsoFlare™ point source driver, multi-fibre bass / midrange cone, FyneFlute™ surround with 25mm magnesium dome compression tweeter, neodymium magnet system.
  • 1 x 200mm multi-fibre bass / midrange cone, FyneFlute™ surround.
  • Crossover frequency:  250Hz & 1.7kHz
  • Crossover type:  Bi-wired passive low loss, 2nd order low pass, 1st order high pass, cryogenically treated.
  • Dimensions – HxWxD:  1111 x 384 x 440mm
  • Weight – Each:  30.5kg