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Holo Audio Serene Pre-Amplifier

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Serene is a preamplifier from HoloAudio. Serene adopts a fully balanced structure. The left and right channels  are completely separated to form a fully balanced structure. Each channel has independent amplification modules to complete the buffering and amplification functions.

This design is able to solve the shortcomings of transistors, so that its tone can exceed the limits of traditional transistors. It also has both the advantages of tubes and transistors. And the use of a large number of transistors makes the linearity of the amplifier superior in every way. The volume control of the Serene is a fully balanced stepping device controlled by a relay. Each step is 1 dB volume. The advantage is that the noise is minimal, and it can be precisely controlled, even at a low volume the left and right channel will not be biased.

Holo audio caps and a 7N O-type transformer as well as CNC Remote Control  are included in the base model.

Serene Product Description:

A new generation of fully discrete preamplifiers.

  • The Serene “晴” adopts a true and fully-balanced design from end to end, with 4 sets of channels, left and right channels each form a fully-discrete design, each channel has two fully-discrete and separate amplification modules to complete buffering and amplification (attenuation) functions. For a total of 8 amplification modules.
  • The 8 amplification modules of Serene “晴” are of a fully discrete design. The shortcomings of the transistor itself are solved through structural design and implementation. Its tone can exceed the limitations of traditional transistors. Using significant amounts of paired transistors delivers superior linearity and also has the advantages of electron tubes and transistors at the same time. Its tone can exceed the limitations of traditional
  • Serene’s “晴” power supply is a completely independent structure from the secondary transformer. This is a dual mono amplifier placed in a chassis, so it has a full frequency >130dB performance of channel separation, so that the sound field is perfectly reproduced.
  • Serene “晴” volume control is a fully balanced stepping device controlled by relay-controlled gain stage. Relays are the finest quality with Silver Palladium (AgPd) Gold Plated contacts. For a total of 84 steps, each step is 1db volume, and provides a volume control from -78dB to +6dB. Its advantage is that it has ultra low noise and can be accurately controlled at low volume without causing the phenomenon of left and right channels having unmatched levels. The matching degree of left and right channels in all volume ranges are within +/-0.1dB.

Serene L1(Standard) and L2(KTE):

Standard Model includes:

  • 7N copper, round wire O-type transformer, which was used in the Spring 2 (non-KTE)
  • Standard copper hook-up wire
  • Schurter Gold Fuse, same fuse used in Spring 2/May (non-KTE)
  • Standard capacitors / HoloAudio, audio grade capacitors
  • CNC Aluminum Remote Control

KTE Serene Model includes:

  • Flat copper wire O-type transformer which was also used in the Holo Audio May DAC.
  • Pure silver wire from IEC to power board w/Silver Rhodium plated Faston connectors
  • Red nano fuse we used in the HOLO Audio May KTE.
  • Holo audio caps and a 7N O-type transformer
  • 4pcs 5uF/350V Bi-polarized AudioNote Kaisei capacitors.
  • CNC Aluminum Remote Control
  • KTE emblem on top of chassis

Specifications for Input/Output and Physical characteristics:

Analog Input
Single-ended RCA input (QTY 3) Maximum amplitude 12Vpp
Input impedance 6.8KΩ
Balanced XLR input (QTY 2) Maximum amplitude 24Vpp
Input impedance 13.6KΩ
Analog Output
Single-ended RCA output Maximum amplitude 8.5Vrms
Output impedance 20Ω
Balanced XLR output 1 (this can actually be used to power headphones from this output using adapter that is dual 3pin F XLR to single 4pin F XLR) Maximum amplitude 17Vrms
Output impedance 3Ω
Balanced XLR output 2 Maximum amplitude 17Vrms
Output impedance 40Ω


Physical Characteristics

Size 430x300x55mm / 16.93×11.81×2.17inches (W x L x H, Dimensions do not include protruding parts)
Weight 9kg/19.84lbs



Power Input (configurable, see label on bottom of unit for specified input) 220-230V 50/60Hz – Fuse Type 2A SB 5x20mm
110-115V 50/60Hz – Fuse Type 4A SB 5x20mm
Power consumption 30W