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Marantz AMP 10 Home Theatre Power-Amp

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Reference 16-channel 200-watt-per-channel amplifier. Pair with AV 10 to create an elite-level home theater. Marantz HDAM, Current Feedback Amplification, and balanced line level input.

  • Crafted in Shirakawa, Japan
  • 16 Channels
  • 200 Watts per Channel
  • Custom HDAM
  • Custom Switching Amplifiers
  • Selectable Output Modes
  • 5 Year Warranty

The Apex of Home Cinema

Built upon decades of rich heritage, designed with timeless style, and engineered for utmost performance, Marantz CINEMA Series are the foundation of the world's most demanding home theaters.

A modern expression of timeless design principles, AMP 10 features the iconic Marantz porthole level meter, premium materials, and subtle sidelights that illuminate the front panel.

We developed custom Class D amplifiers and refined our own HDAM-SA2 technology to create the most incredible theatrical experience possible in your home.

The Marantz Sound Master meticulously tuned AMP 10 for amazing performance with our proprietary HDAM amplification circuitry to create the Most Musical Sound in your home.

AMP 10 is engineered using best-in class technologies to enable extraordinary power output; high channel count; and the dynamic, rich, warm sound for which Marantz is highly renowned.

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Multi-Room CI
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