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MTX Audio TX8 Series 6.5" Component Speakers - TX8652

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The MTX TX8652 high-end 2-way separate speakers are our best ever. MTX is a world leader in automotive speaker technology. The TX8652's aluminium frame takes the design of the famous MTX TX8 Series subwoofers. Featuring an oversized 38MM voice coil and 100MM magnet resulting in unparalleled dynamics. The voice coil is made from state-of-the-art TIL for crisp, realistic sound. The central phase plug is formed from a solid milled aluminium to effectively eliminate standing waves and cool the voice coil. The membrane is made of interweaved fibreglass and carbon for its lightness and rigidity. The passive crossover filter is a work of art with its two independent tweeter levels and its HiFi level components (polypropylene caps, air chokes). In addition, it is waterproof and all the cables come out on the same side for greater ease of assembly. The high-definition silk dome tweeters are 28mm in diameter and perform with amazing linearity 2800-32000Hz! The TX8652 is an exceptional speaker system with sound quality and performance that competes and wins against competition at over twice the price. 


  • • Exceptional sound quality, high-end hi-fi level
    • Aluminium frame, similar design as the TX8 subwoofers one
    • 38mm TIL voice coil on the woofer for high power handling
    • Aluminium phase plug helping cooling and sound quality
    • 28mm neodymium tweeter with built-in and swivelling silk dome
    • Passive x-over with pure diagram, air coils and double polypropylene capacitor
    • Grills included
    • Soft and musical listening
    • Carbon fiberglass cone
    • Huge magnetic system (Ø10CM)

Specifications :

  • RMS Power : 120W (Recommended input power 80-150W RMS)
  • Peak Power : 360W
  • Impedance : 4Ω
  • Frequency response : 46Hz - 32kHz
  • Sensitivity : 91.0 dB/2,83v/1m
  • Tweeter diameter : 28mm
  • Woofer diameter : 16,5cm
  • Woofer depth : 66MM

Download product user manual here

Review from Car&Hifi Magazine in Europe:

"A remarkable construction with a beautiful aluminium frame. The TX8652 reproduces maximum pressure and power. The bass is powerful and it delivers a very good compromise between dynamics and depth. The high frequencies will delight all amateurs. The very detailed sound of the TX8652 is really very endearing. Great speakers for users who love music and power"

Review from CARMUS magazine in Russia:

"A demonstration of definition and musicality. The soundstage is incredibly wide and deep. The sound of the drums is very impressive. Instead of the usual 20 to 30 minute listening test, I stayed for several hours, and even then I kept the speakers on for several days. The woofer shows a rather rare combination of bass depth and definition. I didn't expect the speakers to be this comfortable and balanced at such a reasonable price."