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Nagaoka JT-80BK Moving Magnet Cartridge

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Moving magnet type (MM type) cartridge

It is a model using a boron cantilever and an solid elliptical needle, and it is characterized by the delicacy of the high range and the good sound balance from the low range.

Product Specifications

format Moving magnet type (MM type)
output 3.0 mV (5 cm / sec)
Frequency characteristic 20Hz-20.000Hz
Channel separation 25dB (1Khz)
Channel balance 1.0 dB or less
Load resistance 47kΩ
Load capacity 100pF
Cantilever boron
Needle tip 0.4x0.7mil ellipse / diamond
Stylus pressure 1.3g-1.8g
Torridge own weight 6.7g