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Nagaoka MP-100 Moving Magnet Cartridge

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High-performance entry model featuring a natural sense of unity

An affordable entry-level machine.
It is orthodox and features a natural sound without exaggeration.

■ Output voltage: 5mV (5cm / SEC)
■ Frequency characteristics: 20Hz ~ 20,000Hz
■ Channel separation: 22dB (1KHz)
■ Channel balance: 2.0 dB or less
■ Load resistance: 47KΩ
■ Load capacity: 100pF
■ Cantilever: Aluminum alloy
■ Needle tip: 0.6mil cone / joint diamond
■ Appropriate stylus pressure: 1.8 ~ 2.3g
■ Cartridge weight: 6.5g
■ With head shell Weight: 16.5g