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Sonus faber Aida

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The pinnacle of acoustic immersion.

A reference to Giuseppe Verdi’s timeless opera. Inspired by tradition, reinvented with innovative technology.

A unique project

Born from the heart of Italy's rich musical heritage and artisanal tradition, Aida maintains its typical lute shape with sinuous lines, clad in refined wood and leather. Every curve is deliberate, calculated to enhance both the aesthetic and acoustic experience.

A familiar design, 
elevated to new heights

While maintaining its captivating design elements, Aida presents upgrades in sound engineering. Its “Silent Case” curved on both sides ensures great control over the energy within the speakers.

The signature warm and involving timber is preserved through Mid and High frequencies that encapsulates the “Voice of Sonus faber”, determined by a 28mm silk dome tweeter and a mid-range with cellulose pulp cone.


Accurate sound. Wider dynamic range. Aida delivers enhanced bass depth and minimized sound distortion, reducing external noise interference while giving better control over the sound’s dimensionality.

Embracing cutting-edge sound tech

Aida manages sound complexities with advanced resonance control technology. Its precision crossover ensures smooth transitions between frequencies, preserving the dimensionality of sound and perceived size of the sound-stage.


The TMD (Tuned Mass Damper) is a device normally used in the biggest world’s skyscrapers and consists in some suspended masses placed inside of the speakers - while vibrating in antiphase, the TMD erases main vibrations and allows a clearer bass reproduction and a better silence reproduction.

Stealth Ultraflex System

This patented system allows a great reduction of the THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) and a better bass extension while eliminating spurious vibration coming from the air passage inside the reflex duct and allowing a reduction of dimensions of acoustic chambers.

Neodymium magnet system

The most radical among the changes between the two generations of Aida is the selection of all-new driver systems, all of them featuring a Neodymium motor system that enhance the “Ultra Dynamic Linearity” characteristic.


3 and 2/3 way
Sound field Shaper technology
Zero Vibration Transmission technology
Para-aperiodic vented box Stealth Ultraflex System
Staggered low frequency


Tweeter (Tw): H28 XTR-04 DADTM Arrow Point, Ø 28 mm

Mid-range driver (Md): M18 XTR-04 Neodymium Magnet System, Ø 180 mm

Woofer (W): 2 x W22XTR-12 Neodymium Magnet System, Ø 220 mm

Subwoofer (SW): SW32XTR-08 Neodymium Magnet System, Ø 320 mm

Crossover Points

55 Hz - 150 Hz - 200 Hz – 3.000 Hz

Frequency response

18 Hz – 35.000 Hz Stealth Ultraflex included


92 db SPL (2.83 V/1 m)

Nominal impedance

4 Ohm

Recommended power amplifier

100-1,000 W

Product dimensions (HxWxD)

172,5 x 48,2 x 78 cm
68 x 19 x 31 in

Dimensions with packaging (HxWxD)

117 x 74 x 193 cm
297.8 x 187.96 x 490.22 in


165 kg - net weight (per speaker)
363 lb - net weight (per speaker)

Sound field shapers

Tweeter (Tw): 29XTR2 DAD Arrow Point, Ø 29 mm

Mid-range driver (Md): 2 x M8XTR, Ø 80 mm