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Stax SRS-3100 Electrostatic Headphone System

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 The SR-L300 earspeaker employs new hand selected thin film diaphragm and tough stainless fixed electrodes. Rich deep bass response, delicate high frequency and soothing mid-range has been achieved in a balanced manner.

The SRM-252S is an exclusive driver unit (amplifier) for driving STAX ear speakers with PRO-bias 5 pins. Its line input can directly connect to the audio output terminal of CD player, portable audio player or DAC. The SRM-252S has a simple design that excels in sound quality employing the carefully selected newest high-voltage transistors and low-noise FETs. The output stage featuring the emitter-follower configuration reinforces the driving performance and also realised the smooth sound quality. Moreover, the class-A amplification throughout the stages with no coupling capacitors reproduces exhaustively the finest nuance of music.

Although the SRM-252S includes a class-A DC amplifier in a compact CD jacket size case, the internal heat is effectively dissipated through the chassis of aluminium extrusion material to improve the reliability over a long period of time. Also, the parallel output terminal was added to distribute the source signal so that a loud speaker may also be simultaneously used when source equipment has only a pair of output terminals.




The SR-252S basic specs are:


  • Frequency response: DC-35 KHz (limits unspecified)

  • Rated input level: 125mV 

  • Gain: 58dB.

  • Harmonic distortion: 0.01% or less (at 10.0Vr.m.s. at 1kHz output).
Input impedance: 50kΩ(RCA).

  • Input terminal: RCA×2.

  • Maximum Output voltage: 28.0Vr.m.s./1kHz.

  • Standard bias voltage: 580V DC.

  • Power consumption: 4W.

  • Dimension:132 mm [5.2”](W) × 38 mm [1.5”](H) × 132 mm [5.2”](D) (protruding portion (feet, RCA jacks and volume knob) not included).

  • Weight:540g (1.19 pounds).