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Technics SL-1200GR2/SL-1210GR2 Grand Class Direct Drive Turntable

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The new SL-1200GR2/SL-1210GR2 from Technics sets new standards. The quality of the motor control signal reaches a level of precision that has never been achieved before and ensures a music experience that makes audiophile hearts beat faster.

In the past, the motor control signal was generated using an analog RF oscillator. But in 2016, a new era of turntables came onto the market with the SL-1200GAE, accompanied by improved motor control technology. This was based on digital PWM signal generation and led to a drastic improvement in rotation precision and reduction in motor vibrations. But here too there was room for further optimization.

The innovation of the 'GR2' generation lies in the use of delta-sigma modulation for motor control, a technology that is already successfully used in the JENO engine of Technics' fully digital amplifiers. The result – the Delta-Sigma Drive – is a perfect sine wave that suppresses motor vibrations and improves sensing precision. This technology is a significant breakthrough in suppressing motor resonances that can interfere with the natural resonances of tonearms and cartridges.

The rotation control loop is based on a magnetic-inductive frequency generator and contributes to the exceptional stability of the 'GR2' rotational consistency. The SL-1200GR2/SL-1210GR2's new multi-stage switching power supply uses noise reduction technology found in Technics' SL-1000R reference drive. The result is an exceptionally high signal-to-noise ratio that takes playback quality to a new level.

The proven mechanical design of the predecessor was retained, including the torsion-resistant aluminum chassis, the turntable and the S-shaped tonearm. Visually, subtle improvements have been made to give the 'GR2' even greater value.

The environmentally friendly packaging of the SL-1200GR2/SL-1210GR2 reduces the use of plastic while ensuring efficient transport protection. This is a step towards sustainability that Technics would like to expand to other product lines in the future.

Experience revolutionary sonic precision and an unparalleled musical experience with the Technics SL-1200GR2/SL-1210GR2 - a tribute to the past and a leap into the future of turntable design.

Technical information

Design and drive:

  • Construction based on the classic Technics design
  • Iron coreless direct drive for outstanding rotational precision
  • Motor control signal through delta-sigma modulation
  • Delta-Sigma-Drive produces perfect sine waveform to reduce motor vibration
  • Magnetic-inductive frequency generator (FG) for exceptional rotational stability

Power adapter:

  • Multi-stage switching power supply with a clock rate of over 100kHz
  • Noise reduction circuit similar to the SL-1000R reference drive
  • Currents injected in anti-phase to reduce residual noise
  • Exceptionally high signal-to-noise ratio for improved playback quality

Mechanical construction:

  • Torsion-resistant, low-resonance 2-layer chassis made of die-cast aluminum and BMC
  • 2-layer turntable made of die-cast aluminum with heavy, damping rubber
  • High sensitivity S-shaped tonearm for precise tracking
  • Efficient damping feet to minimize vibrations

Visual appearance:

  • New color harmony of all elements with the chassis
  • Improved surface quality for higher value


  • Environmentally friendly packaging without polystyrene (EPS)
  • Intelligent cardboard box for safe transport protection
  • Cardboard based accessory box for easy removal and neat storage
  • Technics strives to use recyclable materials for all packaging