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Yamaha YH-5000SE

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Our Flagship Headphones that offer the ultimate listening experience.

  • Yamaha True Sound allows you to immerse yourself in a world of sound and music
  • Yamaha Orthodynamic® driver provides sonic accuracy and enables ultra-responsive performance
  • Ultra-lightweight, thin-film diaphragm faithfully recreates varying musical dynamics
  • Large housing features Japanese-made, rolled plain Dutch weave stainless steel filter and an arch-shaped protrusion
  • Magnesium body is lightweight and has outstanding rigidity
  • Two-layer headband and smooth stepless slider provide maximum comfort
  • Two types of earpads included (Leather and Suede)
  • Two types of silver-coated OFC cables included: 3.5 mm (3-pole plug cable) and a 4.4 mm (five-pole plug balanced cable)
  • Includes dedicated aluminum headphone stand
  • Produced at the Yamaha Kakegawa factory in Japan, which handles flagship models of grand pianos and audio components


Our flagship YH-5000SE headphones combine advanced technologies to create the highest quality realism in music. With the latest technologies, the historic Orthodynamic® driver was reimagined, and the finest materials and craftmanship are utilized to deliver the pure essence of sound that Yamaha stands for. For those seeking the absolute pinnacle of True Sound in headphones, the solution is here.


Yamaha products and expertise are unparalleled in the world. We are extensively involved with all-things music - from the moment the artist creates a sound to the moment it reaches the listener's ears - and we are intimately aware of the thought and emotion the artist intended for their music. From the detailed breathy vocals and subtle performance nuances of the artists, the energetic dynamism without the slightest bit of distortion, and the spatial expression that fully conveys the enthusiasm of a packed concert venue, we deliver a musical experience that makes you feel as if you can reach out and touch the artist.


The Orthodynamic® drivers and large capacity housings provide faithful and authentic sound reproduction over the entire sonic spectrum. This includes all musical instruments and vocals, at any pitch, without altering the tonal quality. Harmonies stand out with clarity, allowing you to enjoy nuances in the music you’ve never experienced before.


Not content to merely produce powerful sound, Yamaha pursues an expressive contrast between stillness and motion, achieving low-frequency expression with rich volume and extraordinary transparency. The result is that the full dynamism of the sound is artistically conveyed and immerses the listener inside a remarkable, musical world.


In addition to accurately reproducing the ambience of a concert hall or the intimate warmth of a small club, the YH-5000SE headphones deliver amazing realism and expressive nuance that lets you feel the artist’s position and even the most delicate movements. The result is an extraordinarily immersive feeling, as if you were experiencing the artist perform right in front of you.


Immerse yourself deep in your own world of sound and music. We've crafted a lightweight set of headphones that makes you forget you're even wearing them. They're simply just natural and comfortable.


We have brought together all the skills and aesthetic expertise of our craftsmanship to build these headphones. No compromises were made. Every detail was passionately attended to. The YH-5000SE is the Yamaha flagship, and will provide years of proud ownership.


We have included a variety of high-quality accessories that allow you to fully appreciate and enjoy the flagship YH-5000SE. This includes a machined aluminum headphone table stand, audiophile cables using silver-coated OFC, and two types of earpads using the finest materials.

General Features Headphone Type Over-Ear
Housing Open-back
Driver Orthodynamic® (Planar magnetic)
Frequency Response 5 Hz - 70 kHz
Sensitivity (SPL) 98 dB/mW (at 1 kHz)
Weight 11.3 oz.
Impedance 34 Ω (at 1 kHz)
Accessories Cable Unbalanced cable: 3.5 mm (with 6.3 mm screw-on adaptor), Balanced cable: 4.4 mm 5-pole plug
Earpad Leather: Sheep skin leather / PU leather, Suede: Ultrasuede
Others Headphone stand: Dimension: W 4.6" x H 11.1" x L 5.75", Weight: Approx. 2.16 lb., Material: Aluminum alloy / Copper alloy