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Naim NSC 222 Streaming Preamplifier

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NSC 222

Streaming preamplifier

The NSC 222 is a versatile streaming preamplifier designed to elevate your listening experience. With its cutting-edge engineering and elegant British design from Naim, this product delivers impeccable sound quality. It allows you to stream music and radio seamlessly and supports vinyl and audio headphones. Plus, it functions as a high-performance analogue preamplifier. To create an exceptional setup, simply pair it with the NAP 250 power amplifier and your favourite loudspeakers. Enjoy unparalleled audio quality like never before.

Highly Versatile

Embark on a delightful musical journey with the versatile NSC 222 preamplifier. You can access a vast array of music streaming platforms like Spotify, TIDAL, Qobuz, and many online radio stations with ease. The NSC 222 preamplifier can handle bitrates up to 32bit/284kHz, ensuring that you experience the best sound quality. If you're a vinyl lover, you'll be pleased to know that the NSC 222 has a MM phono input. Additionally, the NSC 222 is equipped with the full Naim technology for headphone listening, derived from the award-winning Uniti Atom Headphone Edition amplifier-DAC, providing you with a world-class solo listening experience.

Focal and Naim App

The streaming platform on NSC 222 is state-of-the-art and has been created by our team of experts in Salisbury. It delivers unparalleled performance, functionality and ease of use, and provides a true Hi-Fi experience with the renowned Naim sound. The Naim App, which is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, simplifies the control of your NSC 222 and allows you to connect other music systems in your home, creating a stunning multi-room setup. With the App, you can easily access all your music, including your preferred radio stations, streaming services, and playlists, and explore artist discographies and biographies.

The story of Naim and Aluminium

Naim's products are designed to be modern, timeless, and performance-driven. The NSC 222 has a sleek and innovative design, crafted with high-quality materials to ensure a smooth and enjoyable user experience. Our founder, Julian Vereker, was ahead of his time in using aluminium to protect our electronic components from magnetic fields, temperature fluctuations, and unwanted vibrations. This switch from thin steel sheets to aluminium further demonstrates our commitment to quality and innovation.

Simple and enjoyable to use

The NSC 222 is designed to provide a seamless and pleasurable experience to its users. You can effortlessly manage it using the Focal & Naim app, which is available on both iOS and Android, or with the help of the Zigbee smart remote control that accompanies the device. The NSC 222 is equipped with a backlit volume button and a 5.5" colour screen that displays the currently playing tracks, enhancing your listening experience.

Our Technical Director guided Naim's engineers in developing simple yet elegant circuits, coupled with our DR technology, to ensure a stable and fluid power supply, resulting in exceptional performance. We use the highest quality components and conduct ultra-precise measurements to achieve an uncompromising outcome.

Upgrade your user experience

Discover the new interface available for the 200 & 300 Series to help with the set-up of your products. Find high-quality tutorials to optimise the sound settings, best practice advice and tips.


  • Audio Format :
    WAV - up to 32bit/384kHz
    FLAC and AIFF - up to 24bit/384Hz
    ALAC (Apple Lossless) - up to 24bit/384Hz
    MP3 - up to 48kHz, 320kbit (16 bit)
    AAC - up to 48kHz, 320kbit (16 bit)
    OGG and WMA - up to 48kHz (16 bit)
    DSD - 64 and 128Fs
    M4A - up to 48kHz, 320kbit (16 bit)
    Gapless playback supported on all formats
  • Frequency response - digital : Digital: 3Hz to 27kHz -3dB
  • Frequency response - line : Ligne : 3 Hz à 40 kHz -3 dB
  • Distortion - Line :
    Line: 0.0025% @2.2V input volume at 0dB, 1kHz
    (Line: 0.015% @2.2V input volume at 0dB, 20kHz)
  • Product type : Streaming Preamplifier
  • Analogue gain :
    Pre-amplifier at max volume 15.5dB
    Phono stage MM 40dB
  • Analogue inputs :
    1 x moving magnet phono
    1 x 8-pin DIN (compatible with 5-pin DIN cables)
    1 x RCA stereo pair
    Line level inputs (RCA/DIN): Impedance 47k, 2.2V typical, 7.5Vrms Max

    Compatible with 5 pin DIN
    MM phono: 47k/470pF, 5mV, 23dB overload (75mV max)
  • Analogue Outputs :
    1 x XLR pair (7Vrms max)
    1 x RCA pair (7Vrms max)
    1 x 6.35mm headphone jack (Headphone 1.5W into 16)
  • Digital level :
    2.1V at 0dBFS volume at 0dB
  • Digital inputs :
    2 x Optical TOSLINK (up to 24bit/96kHz)
    1 x coaxial RCA (up to 24bit/192kHz, DoP 64Fs)
    1 x coaxial BNC (up to 24bit 192kHz, DoP 64Fs)
  • Digital outputs : 1 x coaxial BNC (up to 24bit 192kHz)
  • Headphone outputs : 1 x jack 6,35 mm
  • Other outputs :
    Optical 3.5 mm output for synchronized control of compatible product (eg. NAP 250/350)
  • USB ports : 2x USB Type A socket (front and rear - 1.6A charge)
  • Frequency response - Phono : MM: -3dB at 10Hz, RIAA +/-0.1dB
  • Distortion - Phono : MM: < noise floor
  • WiFi :
    Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n/ac) built into heatsink (patent GB2524815B)
  • Internet Radio Formats : Windows Media-formatted content, MP3, ACC, OGG Vorbis streams and MMS
  • Internet Radio Provider : vTuner Premium 5*
  • Multi-Room :
    Multiroom streaming (play several streamers in simultaneously) and its "Party Mode" (sync up to six Naim streamers), and control them via the "Focal & Naim" application
  • Network : Ethernet (10/100Mbps), Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac), BLE v4.2
  • Streaming : Apple AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, Chromecast, Internet Radio, Qobuz, Roon Ready, Spotify®Connect, TIDAL, UPnPTM
  • App control : Focal & Naim App
  • Control system : Zigbee® RF4CE
  • Supported mobile operating system : Android, iOS
  • Updates : Update your system by wireless connection via the Focal & Naim application
  • User control product :
    5.5" colour display and four buttons fot quick access to standby, play/pause, inputs and favorites.
    Volume control.
  • Power consumption in standby mode (deep sleep) : < 0.5W
  • Power consumption in standby mode : < 2W
  • Consumption in normal use : 25 W
  • Mains power supply : 115V or 230V, 50/60Hz
  • Depth : 31.75 cm / 12.5 in
  • Height : 9.15 cm / 3.62 in
  • Width : 43.2 cm / 8.14 in
  • Weight : 11 kg / 24.25 lb
  • Compatible cables : Super lumina
  • Power Supply Options :
    NPX 300

Cables provided :
Power supply