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Plinius Reference M-10 Preamplifier (POA)

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Reference M-10 Preamplifer


The Reference M-10 is an entirely new, fully discrete, dual mono preamplifier, designed from the ground up. It is the culmination of decades of experience and the constant pursuit of excellence in electronic design.

The Reference M-10 is testament to Plinius’ relentless quest to produce a preamplifier that reveals extraordinary audio detail. At this crucial beginning of the signals journey low value, audio grade resistors are used to minimise noise and, when combined with the adjustable gain feature result in sound without distortion or unnecessary colour, this is pure, powerful sound.

Plinius’ signature aesthetic is still ever present in the external styling of both the dual mono preamplifier and it’s remote. As always, form follows function resulting in the ultimate in design sophistication.

Lovers of high-end audio reproduction will be impressed with the Reference M-10’s uninhibited ability to supply pure detail to the matching Reference A-300 power amplifier. We believe the Reference M-10 can hold its head up amongst the world’s best performing preamplifiers.

CONNECTIVITY 2 x Trigger Out, 1 x Trigger In, 1 x RC5 In
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 20Hz to 20kHz +/–0.1dB
INPUT 3 x XLR/RCA selectable, 3 x dedicated RCA, 1 x HT Bypass XLR/RCA selectable
INPUT IMPEDENCE 7.5k ohms RCA/Unbalanced, 47k ohms XLR/Balanced
PRE OUT SOURCE IMPEDENCE 10 ohms RCA/Unbalanced, 20 ohms XLR/Balanced
OUTPUTS 2 x XLR/RCA Pre-Out, 1 x RCA Line Out
GAIN High: 12dB (4x) Low: 0dB (1x)
DIMENSIONS Height: 170mm Width: 510mm Depth: 480mm
Weight 16kg